5 ways to really boost your success and make sure the client responds.

1. Address the client by their name!

You can find the name usually by clients who have history, and reviews given on their profile. Try to use find that name, or the name from the site/work they’ve posted, and mention that in the cover letter.

2. Get rid of the fluff!

Get to the point. The client is looking for a landing page for Saas products? Don’t throw a templated response talking about all your qualifications. Talk about exactly what the client is looking for.

3. Ask questions!

Asking insightful questions on the cover letter or the job is a great way to tell the client that you have read the job post, and understand what it requires. It also gives the client an additional reason to respond to you (to answer your question).

4. Show work relevant to the job

Don’t show showcase all of the work you’ve done, if you want to post it, that’s fine, but ideally, if you have work matching the request of the client, just post that and talk about it. Remember, it’s quality over quantity.

5. First two lines are the most important

As with anything, your first few lines are the most important. Don’t make them generic by saying, I’m an expert landing page designer etc. Rather, if the job is about SAAS Landing pages, you start with:
“Hey Matt, I have designed multiple SAAS landing pages for X, Y, Z that convert really well, here are…”

This post is for people who already have a portfolio and work backing up their skills, but just are finding hard to find work on Upwork.

For those that are new to Upwork, and are focusing on proposals, you’re doing it wrong. I can cover what new freelancers on the platform should focus in a separate post.

Ask me anything in the comments in the first hour of me posting and I’ll be sure to respond! 💬

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