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To build a creative and diversely skilled team with a proficiency in user-centered design, to create products that bring a net-positive impact in society, and to provide an opportunity to join and contribute to a company that holds a strong moral and ethical foundation.


To be the leading user-centered design and dev agency improving everyday lives of our users.


We at The Small Square are muslims and we stand by certain values that we hold dear to our heart. The foundation of those values resides in our subservience to Allah SWT (The Creator).

Thus the values we strive to have and propagate within the agency are related to that as well. Such as:

  • Excellence
  • Sincerity
  • Purity of intent
  • Personal, social and spiritual well-being of ourselves and others

That also means there are certain things we do not work on. Things that come to mind considering the climate we reside in are:

  • Taking interest, or working with organisations that promote interest (i.e. banking, fintech, or insurance sector etc)
  • Objectification of women (be it through porn, or advertisements that use women as a marketing prop, or the entertainment industry)
  • Consumption or propagation of drugs, liquor, or pork, etc
  • Apps that promote profanity (dating apps and what not)
  • Transgenderism, homosexuality, and bisexuality
  • Music and the entertainment industry
  • Gambling
  • Working with Zionists

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you a general idea of what we stay away from.


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Asaad Mahmood

Founder & Senior UX Designer

Talha Tariq

Product Designer
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