Who am I to tell you how to be successful?

1. Optimised your profile

  1. Make sure your title and description speaks the language of the client.
  2. In your title & overview, target keywords that your ideal clients are searching for.
  3. Address any concerns they may have.
  4. Add a video, that demonstrates your conversational skills, and make it short.
  5. Talk about your accomplishments
  6. Showcase testimonials
  7. Make sure your portfolio is top-notch.

2. Have a great portfolio

  1. This can be work from outside of Upwork and can be conceptual.
  2. Include case studies, and demonstrate problem solving abilities, instead of just pretty designs.
  3. “Include Outcomes” for your portfolio pieces.
  4. Build conceptual projects of apps/websites that clients are interested in on Upwork nowadays.
  5. If you can, buy a domain and publish them as well for authenticity.
  6. Join facebook groups/discord groups to find work and build your portfolio

3. Gain experience

  1. Your first priority should not be making money with big jobs, but gaining experience with small ones.
  2. Offer a refund if clients give you a low rating, You can’t afford a negative rating, if they don’t change their rating, refund the project!
  3. If a friend/family member needs work, ask them to pay whatever that small amount is on Upwork, so you can build up your profile.
  4. Do not take on projects you can’t deliver or aren’t experienced in.
  5. Keep on learning and advancing your skills based on industry demand, as that can change as new tools come in, example being of Framer in the design space.

4. Write awesome cover letters

  1. Don’t write long CHATGPT created cover letters.
  2. Write personal cover letters addressing the need the client has identified.
  3. Think of ways to grab the client’s attention. This can be with something fun/quirky.
  4. Address a client by their name if you can find it.
  5. Include portfolio items that match what the client is looking for.
  6. Don’t demonstrate scarcity and don’t be needy.
  7. Include any “words” in your proposal if the client asks to add to verify if you’ve read the post.

5. Apply on jobs

  1. Don’t apply on everything.
  2. Connects are expensive, use them wisely.
  3. Apply on projects that don’t have a lot of proposals (yes, you’ll have to keep on refreshing the page).
  4. If you apply early, you won’t need to boost.
  5. Being the 4th-5th person in the applicant list is fine, being the 50th is not.
  6. Create saved searches with queries matching your skills/expertise, and focus on that feed.

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