VIPR AI is redefining the way the police and intelligence agencies track  vehicles with extreme precision.

Sean Petty, who is the product owner of VIPR contacted me for my help on their existing system, which was a system built on Material UI, with a lot of inconsistencies, templated UI components and subpar UX flows for key pages. Additionally, there were new flows and pages that needed to be created, along with the mobile app for better usage.

The app redesign was quite successful.
According to the client:
“We’ve started to bring live clients on, some of them major clients”
“Business is absolutely exploding” (client’s words)
“We are really planning some major things for 2023 and I’d really like to continue our relationship and have you involved at every step.  

There’s still a lot to be done!

”Overall, it’s a home run — everyone loves
the new look, feel, and UX."

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